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Ripsaw Change Log:
    Beta .9.3
  1. Fixed some crashing bugs related to the group context menu.
  2. Added ability to export results to an Excel spreadsheet.
  3. Can now display number of times a match was found and export this to the spreadsheet as well.
  4. Fixed unique match count so that it shows the correct number when more than one file is being parsed.
  5. Can now de/activate expressions by double clicking them.
  6. Matches can be displayed (or not displayed) based on how many times it matched.
    Beta .9.2
  1. New name!
  2. New context menu in main window allows for selecting groups without opening the library window.
  3. New context menu in main window allows user to start a parse without having to press the parse button for source pasted into the input window.
    Beta .9.1
  1. Added new grouping functionality to the expression library that allows the user to turn expressions on and off as a group.
  2. There is now a margin on the left sides of all the text fields so the first letter on a line is easier to read now.
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